Tradesmen Body Unit

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Tradesmen Unit

Tradesmen Body units are designed to be mobile, allowing trades people to take their tools and equipment to different job sites easily. These units are a perfect choice to add company logos, branding and contact details serving as a visible advertisement for your business while on the road or at a job site

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180° access solution

Our Tradesmen body units large gas-powered lift up doors not only keep your cargo secure and dry but make overall accessibility a breeze, combined with the benefit of allowing you to work directly out of the unit at any time.

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An impressive interior

The Tradesman body unit is just as impressive on the inside as well. A large interior space provides the perfect blank canvas for any set up. Equipped with 3 LED lights to navigate during the night and carpet lined interior to keep you cargo scratch free.

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Stainless steel locks

Stainless steel rotary locking makes opening and closing doors a breeze.

High Level LED-Brake light

Illuminate safety with our high-level LED brake light, ensuring visibility and peace of mind on the road.

Storage Compartment

Our lockable compartments are the perfect solution to keep smaller items at bay.

Simple security

Remote central locking handles on all doors keep your cargo secure.


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