Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Carryboy canopies made of?

Carryboy canopies are made of high-quality, hand-laid fibreglass, which provides superior durability and longevity to plastic. Windows are tinted, tempered glass, and hinges and locks are stainless steel.

How much weight can I put on a Carryboy canopy’s roof, and do they need any internal support?

Carryboy canopies can support up to 100kg of distributed load. Thanks to their quality fibreglass structure, they do not require any additional internal support.

How long does the warranty last and what does it cover?

Carryboy Canopies come with a three-year warranty for structural integrity and painted finish (excluding glass). Moving Parts of the canopy (excluding glass) and all other accessory products have a twelve-month warranty.

Are Carryboy canopies waterproof?

While nothing is ever 100% waterproof, Carryboy canopies are extensively tested under standard water conditions and are water resistant. Variations in vehicle tubs, such as irregular channels and holes, mean that some water may still get in through the tub, rather than through the canopy. Installing a load compartment liner can help to mitigate this.

What are the delivery times on Carryboy online orders?

Online orders will be dispatched within 24-48hrs of the order being placed. Delivery times are estimated to be 3-5 working days for metro areas, 5-7 working days for regional. These times may vary depending on demand and peak season delays with courier companies.