Carryboy Australia: A Legacy of Excellence Since 1995

Established in 1995, Carryboy Australia has been at the forefront of the Australian market, synonymous with premium quality and impeccably finished Ute Canopies. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to innovative design and continuous improvement has not only solidified our leadership position but also set a new benchmark in the Australian Automotive Industry.

As our reputation for excellence grew and the demand for Carryboy products surged, we recognized the need for expansion. In 2009, Carryboy Australia took a significant step forward by acquiring a spacious facility located in Rowville. This strategic move allowed us to consolidate our operations, providing a seamless platform for continued growth and an expanded product range.

Today, Carryboy is not only a household name in Australia but also commands global recognition for its premium brand and exceptional products. Our journey from humble beginnings to international acclaim is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

10 reasons to choose Carryboy

Designed for a perfect fit

Each Carryboy canopy is specifically engineered to provide the best fitment for your vehicle.

Slam-action rear doors

Rear doors open and close easily, for speedy access to your cargo.

Integrated features

Carryboy canopies are full of cleverly integrated features such as LED brake lights.

3-year warranty

A 3-year warranty on structural integrity and the painted finish gives you peace of mind.

No Drilling

Our 6-point clamp system ensures a secure fit without the need for drilling holes in your vehicle, preserving its integrity and resale value. 

Safe, secure glass

Tinted, tempered glass resists scratching, provides enhanced security, and even keeps your cargo cool.

Lock it in

Single-handle central locking, integrated into your vehicle key, provides security while keeping access easy.

TUV quality rated

Carryboy products qualify for the TUV German Quality Standard, putting them amongst companies such as BMW.

Raising the roof

Carryboy canopies feature integrated roof rails, making transport of bulky cargo a breeze.

You’ve seen the rest, now get the best

Global leaders in vehicle personalisation

Warranty Information


  • 3 year warranty on paint work
  • 3 year warranty on structural integrity on the fiberglass canopy shell
  • 12 months warranty to any moving component (excluding glass)from the original date of purchase.
  • Any component found by Carryboy Australia Pty., Ltd. (ABN 31 138 043 339) to be defective, the said defective part (s) will be replaced without charge for parts or labor.


  • Extreme or abnormal off-road usage
  • Abuse, misuse, negligence, accidental damage
  • Modification to the product or its components
  • Lack of regular care and maintenance
  • Paint scuffing to vehicle caused by a canopy
  • Driving with rear door in an open position
  • Gelcoat cracking is a characteristic of fiberglass and does not constitute a structural defect.

Carryboy Australia-wide

Carryboy products are available Australia wide. Contact us for more information or use our store locator to find your nearest stockist.

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